vunerability scan fail

vunerability scan failure


Manually update the Patch Management definitions:
  1. Log on to the device experiencing the issue.
  2. Elevate the permissions of the Patch Management Services:
    1. Open the Serivces console, services.msc
    2. Find GFI LanGuard 11 Attendant Service
    3. Right-click > Properties
    4. Choose the Log On tab > This account
    5. Enter the credentials of either a local system administrator or domain administrator
    6. Choose Apply and restart the service
  3. Download the Patch Management package:
    1. Open a web browser on the problem device
    2. Browse to:
    3. Download this package: lanss_11_patchmngmt.7z (optional direct link to download)
    • Please note: This package should be a little over 20MB in size. If it is not, then there is a problem downloading that package.
  4. Apply the downloaded package:
    1. After download completes, go to the Services console
    2. Stop the GFI LanGuard 11 Attendant Service
    3. Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\GFI\LanGuard 11\Update
    4. Copy and paste the downloaded lanss_11_patchmngmt.7z package into this directory, overwriting any previous files
    5. Restart the GFI LanGuard 11 Attendant Service
  5. Rerun the device's Vulnerability Check from the Dashboard:
    1. Right-click the target device in the north panel of the Dashboard
    2. Select Patch Management > Re-Run Vulnerability Check

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