SolarWinds Failed Checks

How to setup and Resolve Performance Monitoring Checks

  • How do we get the values for customizing the performance Monitoring Checks before adding these to the Dashboard?
  • What values are needed to check in Windows Performance Monitor to correspond to the checks?
  • Performance monitoring checks need to be configured correctly to avoid large amounts of emails with failure alerts.
  • Setting this up properly is crucial, the values need to reflect normal operations so the agent can notify you when there is a potential problem.
  • How do I adjust the Memory check on a server?


  • SolarWinds RMM


  1. From the local machine open the Performance Monitor through typing "Perfmon.exe" into the Start Menu and Executing this.
  2. Expand Monitoring Tools > Performance Monitor
  3. Select the plus sign to add appropriate counters
    • Processor = % Processor Time
    • Memory = Pages / sec
    • PhysicalDisk = % Disk Time
    • Network Interface = Bytes Received/sec , Bytes Sent/sec
  4. Allow the monitor to run for approximately 24 hours
  5. Record the average numerical values for the counters
  6. Use these average values recorded to edit your thresholds within the performance check
  • NOTE: While performing these checks and using the performance counter can increase CPU usage.You can reduce this in the following ways:
    1. Use logs instead of graphs. This can decrease CPU usage drastically.
    2. Reduce the frequency of the refresh rate
    3. If possible use a remote server to monitor the target sever
    4. Reduce the number of counters being checked

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