Zixmail PC transfer

You can follow these steps to configure ZixMail for use on multiple PCs, or to move your ZixMail from one PC to another. The general procedure is to back up your ZixSignature, install ZixMail on the new machine, then import your ZixSignature to the new installation. For more detailed instructions, see the procedure below.

To use ZixMail on another PC or laptop:

  1. Open ZixSignature Manager from either your email program or ZixMail Standalone.
  2. Select Export Sigs.
  3. Enter a file name and select where to save the file.
  4. Enter and confirm a Protection Phrase.

Note: This is separate from your ZixSignature Phrase. You need to know the Protection Phrase to import your ZixSignature.

  1. Copy the backup file to the new machine. This can be done by USB device or file transfer.
  2. Install ZixMail on the new machine. You can install Zixmail from here.
  3. Select the option to import an existing ZixSignature.
  4. Browse to where you saved the exported file created at the beginning of this procedure.
  5. Open the export file and enter your protection phrase to import the ZixSignature.
  6. Open your ZixSignature Manager.
  7. Select Update Status.

Your email address should be visible in the Signature Manager window, with a status of Active to the right of the email address. You can now use ZixMail on this PC.

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